Journal Article: Reverberating civilian harm effects under IHL

In her editorial ‘The Hawija airstrike: Reverberating effects on civilians under international humanitarian law’, which appeared in the latest issue of Leiden Journal of International Law, Dr. Machiko Kanetake reflects on the reverberating effects that remote methods of warfare have on civilians and how communities of international humanitarian law should engage with this phenomenon.

In doing so, Kanetake builds on the joint investigation by IRW, PAX, and Iraqi NGO Al-Ghad, which was published earlier this year. According to Kanetake, lessons should be drawn from cases like Hawija to shape international humanitarian law’s present and future normative content.

IRW and partner organizations are proud to see scholars from a variety of academic disciplines draw insights from our work on civilian harm.

Read the editorial by clicking on the reference below.

Kanetake, M. “The Hawija Airstrike: Reverberating Effects on Civilians under International Humanitarian Law.” Leiden Journal of International Law 35, no. 4 (2022): 735–42.