The Practices of Remote Warfare
Waging warfare remotely is seldom straightforward. Long-distance battles in far-flung locations against elusive enemies often requires close partnerships with military and political actors on the ground. Such alliances manifest across a range of social and material domains in the form of political partnerships, military-to-military training programmes and logistical collaborations. They may be widely-recognised and institutionalised, or shadowy and transient. Common to them all is the fact that all conflicts ultimately play out locally.

Here you will find our own research output and a variety of other thematically relevant publications, blogs, events and podcasts we have been inspired by in our investigations into the Intimacies of Remote Warfare.

March 3 2023

ISA panel Examining Algorithms in Security and Warfare

IRW project leader dr. Lauren Gould and co-author dr. Marijn Hoijtink will be presenting the latest iteration of their article on information-driven and algorithmic warfare at the ISA conference in Montreal on the 15th of March 2023. They wrote the article with previous IRW researchers Jack Davies and Martine Jaarsma. The article reflects on yet