Political Economy

The Business of Remote Warfare
War, according to the popular maxim, is the only industry where the profits are measured in dollars and the losses in lives. The sprawling industry of arms manufacturers, Private Military Companies (PMCs), and contractors testify to the fact that there is enormous money to be made out of warfare. In an increasingly globalised world, where economic fates grow ever more intricately tied to the (in)stability of faraway locales, trade and commerce have never been more central to violent conflict. These material relations have significant repercussions for how war is waged, by whom, and for what.

Here you will find our own research output and a variety of other thematically relevant publications, blogs, events and podcasts we have been inspired by in our investigations into the Intimacies of Remote Warfare.

October 10 2020

The Industry of Violence

For some, war is a highly profitable business. Few people know this better than Siemon Wezeman from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). A senior researcher at the SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Programme, Wezeman works in a team responsible for monitoring arms transfers, military spending and arms production globally. On the 6th of

Shadow World

Based on the book by Andrew Feinstein, this documentary explores the pervasive influence of the global arms trade on contemporary war. It also gives insight into the drives behind the development and use of the advanced technologies that facilitate remote intervention.