David Snetselaar MA

Affiliate Researcher and PhD Candidate in Conflict Studies

David is a PhD Candidate in Conflict Studies at the Department of History and Art History. He has a BA in Cultural Anthropology (2017), an MA in Conflict studies in Human Rights (2018) and previously worked as an Assistant Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Challenges. In 2019 he conducted research together with Dr. Lauren Gould on the International Anti-IS Coalition as part of the Intimacies of Remote Warfare project. The result of their work was published in Spaces of War, War of Spaces (2020). In April 2020, David began a new research project on early warning in collaboration with the Research Centre for War Studies at the Netherlands Defense Academy. The focus of his current work is on the hybrid threat perception that has emerged in the West and the response this has trigged. Beginning in the Netherlands, the objective is to understand how practices in early warning offer a means to pre-emptively counter hybrid threats that may include foreign influence on democratic processes, foreign interference via diaspora or threats to economic security. The 'common denominator' of his research and the IRW project is a concern about in the changing nature of war in the twenty-first century and the implication this has for military strategy, policy making, human rights reporting and academic research on conflict-related issues.