The Technologies of Remote Warfare
The history of warfare has been defined by technological innovation. Everything from gunpowder to the atomic bomb has radically altered the way wars are fought and peace is achieved. Remote warfare is no exception. Conducting warfare from a distance is made possible by a complex network of technologies including unmanned vehicles, satellite communications and precision-guided munitions. By transforming what is possible on and off the battlefield, the ascendency of these technologies raises fresh questions about the role of humans in warfare as well as how the technologies themselves are developed and proliferate.

Here you will find our own research output and a variety of other thematically relevant publications, blogs, events and podcasts we have been inspired by in our investigations into the Intimacies of Remote Warfare.

March 3 2023

ISA panel Examining Algorithms in Security and Warfare

IRW project leader dr. Lauren Gould and co-author dr. Marijn Hoijtink will be presenting the latest iteration of their article on information-driven and algorithmic warfare at the ISA conference in Montreal on the 15th of March 2023. They wrote the article with previous IRW researchers Jack Davies and Martine Jaarsma. The article reflects on yet

March 3 2022

The Kill Cloud: Networked War, Drones, and AI

On March 25 to 27, the Disruption Network Lab organizes its 26th conference: The Kill Cloud. Through various panels and workshops with veterans, whistleblowers, and professionals, attendees will dive deeper into the real-world implications of networked warfare, drones, and artificial intelligence. The conference takes place in Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, and will be streamed live for

May 5 2021

Book Launch: Remote Warfare Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Contemporary warfare is becoming increasingly defined by distance. Instead of deploying large numbers of boots on the ground, many Western and non-Western states rely on support and training for local actors, employment of private military contractors and remote weaponry for airstrikes and surveillance This is remote warfare, the dominant method of military engagement employed by