Dutch journalist makes documentary with victims of Hawija airstrike

One of the most effective ways to communicate the intimate realities of those on the receiving end of remote interventions to a broader audience is through images.

In his documentary ‘Als de Bom Valt’ (When the Bomb Drops), Dutch journalist Danny Ghosen travels to Hawija to let the victims of the 2-3 June 2015 airstrike share their experiences. Ghosen’s analysis is an intimate and heart-breaking portrayal of what it means to be targeted by a Dutch Coalition bomb, to be left to suffer under ISIS rule in its wake, and to be denied and ignored by the Dutch government for over 6 years.

These are all dynamics that IRW, in collaboration with PAX and Al-Ghad, has researched in-depth in the upcoming Hawija report that will be launched on April 13, 2022.