The Risks of Special Forces Being Used Illegally

We live in a ‘golden age’ of special operations forces (SOF). SOF have become key tools for Western states engaged in remote warfare, offering tactical, strategic, political and financial advantages in the context of irregular counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency conflicts. In particular, SOF have come to be seen as a ‘silver bullet’ for states seeking to move away from large-scale boots-on-the-ground invasions and towards more covert campaigns with a lighter footprint.

In a recent article for the Human Security Centre, IRW’s Jack Davies argues that SOF lack political oversight and legal accountability. Drawing on examples of SOF deployment by the US, UK, Australia and Canada within the global war on terror, Jack argues that the lack of oversight has led to the perception by governments that SOF are an ideal tool for conducting operations that are legally questionable or outright illegal.

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