Dr. Lauren Gould

Project leader and Assistant Professor in Conflict Studies

Lauren Gould is Assistant Professor in Conflict Studies at Utrecht University and the project leader of the Intimacies of Remote Warfare programme. She has conducted research on the liquid warfare tactics of the US Africa Command across East Africa. Her current research project studies and critiques how actors who execute and monitor remote warfare co-constitute a dominant narrative in which remote warfare is portrayed as ‘precise’ and ‘caring’: a form of perfect war which saves lives, not just of ‘our own' but also of ‘civilian others’. For her research she has conducted fieldwork in Uganda and South Sudan and closer to home in the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands. She is a lecturer and minor coordinator at the Centre for Conflict Studies, and a core committee member at the Centre for Global Challenges. Gould studied Social Psychology and Conflict Studies & Human Rights and carried out her PhD research on the Global Justice Assemblage and the governing of the northern Ugandan conflict at Utrecht University. She has also taught in the Conflict Studies programme at the University College of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam.