PAX talk to Airwars about our joint research project on civilian harm in Hawija

On the 5th of November 2019 the Dutch MoD admitted they were behind an anti-IS Coalition airstrike that killed an estimated 70 civilians and destroyed over 400 buildings in Hawija in 2015. Since, the MoD has not conducted field research on the devastating effects of this bombardment nor have amends been made.

Over the last two years, IRW has teamed up with societal partners PAX and Al-Ghad League for Woman & child in Hawija, and interviewed 119 civilians directly impacted on the ground.

Our PAX partners Roos Boer and Saba Azeem have just returned from another field trip to Hawija and told monitoring organisation Airwars what they observed and heard while walking through Hawija and talking to the victims of the strike.

This is a must read for those who want to understand the reverberating civilian harm and blowback effects of our remote interventions. Read here.

The full report will be made public in January 2022