WarPod podcast: Remote Warfare an Interdisciplinary Perspectives

In the latest episode of the excellent #WarPod podcast Intimacies of Remote Warfare Director Lauren Gould and co-founder Jolle Demmers team up with Jennifer Gibson and Baraa Shiban from Reprieve along with Camilla Molyneux from the APPG on Drones to talk about the changing nature of warfare and its impact on civilians, each of whom contributed a chapter to the the newly launched E-IR book, ‘Remote Warfare: Interdisciplinary Perspectives’.

They discuss the different levels of remoteness in modern day warfare; from removal of boots on the ground, to remote knowing through surveillance to remote decision making by algorithms. Jennifer offers rich empirical examples of what it means when advanced militaries use metadata to target individuals through drone strikes, and Camilla and Baraa give voice to Yemeni civilians who live under the constant gaze and threat of US drone strikes.

The WarPod is hosted by Abigail Watson (Saferworld) and Delina Goxho (EGMONT), and features a diverse range of expert guest discussing different pressing issues relating to remote warfare.

Listen at the link below:

Download a free PDF of the book ‘Remote Warfare: Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ here: https://lnkd.in/dd2FTCJb