Podcast: Reverberating civilian harm effects

We started to discover how many civilians had perished, but also the reverberating civilian harm effects of this strike. For us, at IRW, it was really important because this was just one of the 35.000 missions and a 100.000 bombs thrown, so it was a case of remote warfare and the impact that it has on civilians.”

– Lauren Gould in Asymmetrical Haircuts episode 68

On the latest episode of international justice podcast Asymmetrical Haircuts, IRW’s Lauren Gould is interviewed by Janet Anderson and Stephanie van den Berg about the 2015 airstrike on Hawija. Together with Associate Professor of Public International Law at Utrecht University Dr. Machiko Kanetake, she discusses the ripple civilian harm effects of this airstrike, the situation in Hawija, the current efforts for justice to the victims, and what it all means for the future of remote warfare.

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