Drone Warfare: Today, Tomorrow, Forever?

Drawing on expert perspectives from across the field, the webinar ‘Drone Warfare: Today, Tomorrow, Forever?’ examined the use of armed drones and where campaigners should be focusing their efforts in the coming years. Tackling some of the biggest challenges posed in technologically-enabled remote warfare, speakers discussed US targeting practices in Somalia, the proliferation of drones across the globe, and the blurring of the lines between war and peace.

Featured speakers included Aditi Gupta, Coordinator for the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drones; Chris Cole, Director of Drone Wars UK; Ella Knight, Campaigner at Amnesty International; Rachel Stohl, Vice President at the Stimson Center; and Elke Schwarz, Lecturer in Political Theory at Queen Mary’s, University of London.

Watch the excellent event marking NGO Drone Wars UK’s 10 year anniversary campaigning to raise the critical issue of drone warfare in public discourse at the link below:

Post written by Jack Davies