Symposium: Travelling AI Technologies Across Policing and Warfare

Join IRW at the Travelling Technologies: Repertoires of AI innovation, experimentation and deployment across policing and warfare operations symposium on the 1st of December 2023, organised under Contesting Governance.

Over the past decade, we see how new technologies are making their way into domestic policing and remote warfare operations. From the deployment of kamikaze or suicide drones with AI-enhanced autonomous capabilities in Ukraine, to the testing out of dog robot ‘Spot’ with the Massachusetts State Police Department, digital technologies are becoming crucial components of existing security regimes. Recent debates on technology, war and security often highlight the ethical and legal dilemmas around the emergence of AI and autonomous weapons. In this symposium, however, we focus on the broader discursive and material infrastructures that facilitate the innovation, deployment and ‘travelling’ of these technologies across policing and warfare operations and their impact on those who are being targeted.