Podcast: 5 Years Intimacies of Remote Warfare

In 2018, dr. Lauren Gould and prof. dr. Jolle Demmers founded the Intimacies of Remote Warfare programme to investigate how and why Western advanced militaries increasingly turn to remote forms of interventionism. The researchers set out to think through what this remoteness does with our understanding of what war is and our willingness to wage war, as well as reflect on how remoteness in turn creates new and unforeseen intimate relationships and conflict dynamics. In the latest Utrecht University podcast episode, Jolle and Lauren reflect on what the programme has achieved in the last five years and what it sets out to achieve in the coming five years. 

The Intimacies of Remote Warfare is an evidence-based research programme that aims to inform academic, public, and policy debates on the intimate realities of remote wars waged by advanced militaries. It investigates the politics, operations, technologies, and political economy of remote warfare, as well as its impact on civilian harm and blowback. IRW engages with key stakeholders to participate in expert round tables, co-create knowledge, and formulate policy recommendations. 

This podcast episode was produced by Isa Zoetbrood, Eva Akerboom, and Laszlo Steinwärder as part of the IRW LAB connected to the Conflict Studies and Human Rights MA programme at Utrecht University.

Key programme output: