Dennis Jansen MA

Affiliate Researcher and PhD Candidate in Media Studies

Dennis Jansen is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He was awarded a ‘PhDs in the Humanities’ grant by NWO for the project ‘The Becoming-Playful of Warfare in the Netherlands’ (2021–2025). His research focuses on the increasing usage of training simulations, serious games, and drones by the Dutch Armed Forces, as well as on the military, academic, and commercial interests that propagate and maintain this so-called ‘ludification of warfare’. Dennis obtained his BA in International Studies (2017) at Leiden University, and his MA in New Media & Digital Culture (2018) and RMA in Media, Art & Performance Studies (2020) at Utrecht University. His previous work has appeared in a.o. Transformative Works and Cultures, Press Start, DiGRA, Interactive Storytelling, and First Person Scholar. Between 2021 and 2023, he is PhD Editor-in-Chief of Junctions: Graduate Journal for the Humanities.