Book: ‘The War Lawyers’

In his book, The War Lawyers: The United States, Israel and Juridical Warfare, Dr. Craig Jones investigates the developing role of military lawyers in contemporary conflicts. The evolution of International Humanitarian Law has increasingly brought these technicians to the fore in determining the modern landscape of military operations, earning them the moniker ‘war lawyers’.

The book concentrates on military lawyers’ involvement in aerial targeted attacks focusing on US operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Israeli military operations in Gaza. The book draws on interviews with senior military lawyers in both the US military and the Israeli military to offer insight into the impact of ‘war lawyers’ in shaping military operations.

Dr. Craig Jones is a lecturer in Political Geography at Newcastle University. His areas of expertise include conflict and displacement; conflict and healthcare; the contemporary Middle East and the geographies of International Law. He is a valued part of our network and was present at our very first IRW conference along with Lennart Hofman who interviewed him about his book for The Correspondent. We love to see our network working together.

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