Remote Warfare is not an Election Theme

In his latest article in the Correspondent, Lennart Hofman expresses deep concerns about the ignorance surrounding remote warfare and its consequences. With the upcoming elections, political parties fail to discuss their vision on how war is and should be fought. Meanwhile, war is becoming more and more invisible. Responsibility, transparency and democratic control regarding the wars fought in our names are under increasing pressure due to secrecy and fragmentation of the ‘kill chain’ in Coalition warfare.

Lenart Hofman is a war correspondent. He has travelled around the world to cover conflicts in amongst others Syria, Myanmar, the Philippines, Mali and Yemen.  Hofman has attended and contributed to events hosted by the Intimacies of Remote Warfare project and has co-authored articles with project team members

Read the article (Dutch language) here:

Hofman, L. 2021. ‘Oorlog wordt steeds onzichtbaarder. Geen wonder dat het geen verkiezingsthema is’. De Correspondent, 9 March 2021.