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The IRW summer school ‘Contemporary Conflict Analysis: Actors, Issues and Technologies of 21st Century Warfare’ equips scholars and professionals alike with cutting-edge knowledge and transferable skills for mapping, analysing and responding to warfare in the 21st century.

Throughout the course we will address pressing issues in contemporary warfare like: How are terrorist organisations able to mobilize people towards violent action? How do rebel groups govern the territories they control? Why do states outsource violence to paramilitaries and special operation forces? If advanced militaries are able to wage war from a distance, will they become less war prone, or more? What does it mean when algorithms define who is worthy of elimination and protection in 21st century warfare? And why is tracking civilian harm so important for democratic control over contemporary warfare?

The course runs from the 11th to 22nd of July 2022. For more information about course registration see the Utrecht Summer School course webpage.